Facilities and Laboratory


Greene, Lewis & Associates has the capabilities to accommodate and care for a wide range of cases at any given time. These housing facilities include:

  • Intensive care stalls
  • Isolation stalls
  • Private runs
  • Mare and foal condos
  • Multiple small and large paddocks


In addition to these housing capabilities, the clinic is outfitted with extensive facilities which include:

  • Equine surgery suite
  • Reproduction lab
  • Culture lab
  • Onsite hematology and serum blood chemistry
  • Coggins Test Lab
  • Pharmacy
  • Imaging consult room
  • Preceptor/Extern living quarters
  • Clinic library
  • Areas for hard surface lameness evaluations
  • Sand lungeing ring
  • Breeding phantom
  • Semen storage bank
  • 2 sets of stocks
  • 2 covered evaluation/treatment areas
  • Wash rack

Our canine reproduction department is equipped with:

  • Canine surgery suite
  • Anesthesia recovery unit
  • 10 climate controlled dog runs

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