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Here at Greene, Lewis & Associates we take a special interest in equine reproduction. With the growing interest and population in the thoroughbred racing industry in Louisiana, as well as the equine community overall, the reproductive side of the practice has flourished. Dr. Gary Greene is a diplomate of the American College of GreeneLewisC19-09Theriogenologists, having received highly specialized training in all areas of reproduction. This expertise allows us to offer our clients the latest in reproductive technology. We provide services at your farm and at the hospital to help manage mare breeding cycles as well as timed ovulation for artificial insemination with fresh, chilled or frozen semen. We also handle all aspects of the management and recovery of embryos for embryo transfer, and are performing cutting edge technology in frozen equine embryo transfer. Reproductive diagnostics such as uterine endoscopy, ultrasonography, and uterine biopsies, in addition to an on-site laboratory for timely cytology and cultures, provide us with the ability to help get your mare in foal. Our stallion breeding services include semen collection for fresh, cooled/shipped or frozen semen, semen storage, national and international semen distribution, breeding soundness examinations, and evaluation and treatment for ‘problem’ breeders. Our facility is equipped with a mounting phantom for semen collection and training of young stallions. Greene, Lewis and Associates is also an approved European quarantine station for breeding stallions and for collection and exportation of semen to Europe.




In addition to our equine services, we also offer extensive services in canine reproduction. Greene, Lewis and Associates is one of the few clinics in the southeast that has a specialty area in canine reproduction. We offer all aspects of canine reproductive services including, but not limited to:
•    Progesterone testing and timing the bitch’s heat cycle
•    Vaginal or surgical artificial insemination
•    Semen collection and evaluation
•    Semen freezing and frozen semen storage
•    Shipping of fresh, cooled, and frozen semen nationally and internationally
•    Evaluation of problem breeders
•    Ultrasound and radiographic confirmation for pregnancy
•    Boarding for breeding stud dogs and bitches
•    Scheduled C-sections
•    Spays and neuters




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Information Coming Soon.

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