Greene, Lewis & Associates is unique in having the only equine surgical facility located in St. Tammany, Washington, and Tangipahoa Parishes, plus southern Mississippi. Our hospital incorporates a fully outfitted surgery suite and recovery stall with the capabilities to perform a wide variety of surgical procedures. These procedures range from foal surgeries to soft tissue, arthroscopic and ophthalmic surgeries.  In addition to our routine surgeries we also perform a variety of reproductive surgical procedures such as ovarectomies, urethral extensions and recto-vaginal laceration (RV tear) reconstructions.

Below is a brief list of surgeries performed.
For questions about a specific procedure please call our clinic at (985) 893-3839.
•    umbilical herniorraphies
•    periosteal strippings
•    check ligament desmotomies.
•    cryptorchid castrations
•    neurectomies
•    cribbing surgery
•    chip and OCD removal
•    enucleations (eye removal)
•    subconjunctival flaps
•    patellar ligament desmotomies
•    hoof wall resection and reconstruction

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